Secondary Vocational School of Traffic and Services

Novo Zamky1
Novo Zamky

Secondary Vocational School of Traffic and Services, Jesenského 1, Nové Zámky provides education on the level of ISCED3. There are 4-year courses for graphic designers, autotronics, cooks, cosmeticians, operators of traffic and services. There are also 3-year courses for hairdressers, cooks, waiters, confectioners and car mechanics. School provides theoretical and practical education that is finished either by a school- leaving exam called MATURITA or a skill certificate.

The school has long history at organizing international projects both in categories KA1 and KA2 formerly called Comenius and Leonardo da Vinci. The students of our school regularly take part in language courses concerning international experience. The school also takes part in international competitions. It often belongs to the organizers of these competitions either for hairdressers, cosmeticians or car mechanics. Students have already been awarded by many prizes in these fields.

We have quite a few experiences in the area of international projects that is highly advantageous for the students and school as well. The students from poor background are given opportunities to cooperate with their peers from different countries. This is described as an important aspect from the point of view of employment as Slovakia belongs to the countries with high level of unemployment and these project based experiences made our students more attractive for employers. We have cooperated with the schools in the Czech Republic, Hungary, Germany, Lithuania, Austria, Turkey, Macedonia, France, Italy, Sweden, Slovenia, Spain or Liechtenstein.