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The Liechtensteinische Gymnasium (LG) was founded in Vaduz by the Marist Brothers in 1937 as the private school Collegium Marianum. Since 1981 it has been a state-run school. Following five years of primary school, The Gymnasium takes seven years and leads to the Matura (University Entrance Certificate).

The main aim of the Gymnasium is to prepare the students for further studies by providing them with a broad education.​

In the Upper School the students continue to study a wide range of subjects as well as specialising in one of the five Profil areas. Depending on their talents and preferences they can choose from «Lingua» (Latin, Italian), «Neue Sprachen» (Spanish, Italian), «Kunst, Musik und Pädagogik» (Art, Music and Pedagogy) , «Wirtschaft und Recht» (Economics and  Law) or «Mathematik und Naturwissenschaften» (Maths and Science).

The Matura Certificate issued by the Liechtenstein Gymnasium is the equivalent to those in Switzerland and Austria. Liechtenstein’s membership in the Council of Europe also ensures the Matura is accepted within Europe. The principle being that the Matura of each contracting state be accepted by the others provided there are no essential differences.

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