YOUP – How to succeed in a multicultural Europe

Following the two successful exchange meetings in Hamelin (Germany) and Andujar (Spain), all seven participating delegations of the Erasmus+ Project YOUP (Youth of Europe) met in Liechtenstein in September 2017. As the coordinating country, Liechtenstein itself does not organise an exchange with students, so the countries involved in the project were represented by teachers only on this occasion. In addition to a review of the two previous exchanges the main focus of the meeting was to work together on the remaining four exchanges. Here we were supported by Clarissa Frommelt who, as a representative of AIBA (the National Agency for International Education Affairs), was able to answer many administrative questions as well as give a presentation on E-Twinning. The next meeting is scheduled for the middle of November in Cremona, Italy and will be attended by four students from the class 6La.

An exciting, interactive one and a half day Workshop on Cooperative Learning Forms with the renowned lecturer Ludger Brüning established the framework for further work on the project. Mr. Brüning familiarized the representatives from Germany, Spain, Italy, France, Slovakia, Sweden and Liechtenstein with cooperative teaching methods. This educational approach incorporates learning arrangements in the form of pair or group work, which require constructive contributions from all the students involved, to develop collectively a solution to a problem or the understanding of a topic. As well as differences between the education systems of the participating countries there are also differences in teaching methods and conditions for teachers and lively discussions ensued. Nonetheless, everyone agrees that such an exchange project is a unique opportunity to broaden the horizons of teachers and students alike. Trips to Feldkirch, Vaduz und Malbun provided a relaxed social programme in which the guests were able to enjoy some of the culinary delights Liechtenstein has to offer. We are eager to see how the project progresses and are very much looking forward to the upcoming meetings. 

Here you can find the documents as a PDF