The General Secondary school (EDU-SCHSec) Lycée Général David d’Angers is at the same time an old and experimented institution, since it was the first “Lycée” ever founded in Angers back in 1806, and a school always looking forward, opened to modern pedagogy in order to be able to integrate with success a renewed public, always more socially diversified.

To be noted that the Lycée David D’Angers hosts a special degree course for students who failed to have success in their studies, so far,  in the other Secondary schools of the city, and which has for mission to lead them to success with efficient methods and a special staff : Le ‘Lycée Angevin de la Nouvelle Chance’.


The ‘Lycée David d’Angers’ is mainly orientated towards sciences – about 50% of the students of Terminale (the last year of Secondary school), but about 20% follow a literary degree course,  and about 30% an economical and social sciences one.


For all these students, being opened to the World and especially creating links with other European countries is very important. Therefore, English, German, Italian and Spanish are taught in this Lycée, which counts a franco-italian bi-national degree course, ESABAC, as well as European classes, partly taught in French, partly in English.


 In this Secondary school, work together daily about 900 students usually from 15 to 18 years old, and a little less than 100 teachers.